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By | May 17, 2017

%name Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia ProgramClick the image above to visit siteFrustration, Fear, Shame, Anger, Humiliation, Isolation, Unhappiness, Inadequacy, Stress, Uncertainty, Unworthiness, Guilt, Lack of confidence…If you are a person who can relate some or all of those emotions as a result of your stuttering challenge and you seriously want to do something about it today to overcome it, then I have something very important to share with you…

What I am going to share with you in the below letter is very valuable to me, but what really matter is “how valuable will it be for you!”. If you just choose to skip it since you have been TIRED of all those resultless, misleading, false promises about stuttering (which I cannot blame you at all by the way) then it probably will not add any value to your speech or to your life. Tomorrow will probably just be like yesterday. HOWEVER; If you allow 10 minutes of your time to read this and follow what I’ll be sharing with you, not only your speech but also your WHOLE LIFE may change beyond your wildest expectations.

If you choose the first case and skip this, then I wish you all the best in the future. Otherwise, LET’S ROLL because I can’t wait to share those high value, life changing material with you!

With all my honesty, before we even start talking about this, I have a good news and a bad news for you…

Let’s start with the bad one…You may not like what you’ll be hearing, but unfortunately there is no instant cure for stuttering. Anybody, any program or any organization promises you that you can be cured instantly by using their ‘magic’ tool, technique or whatever, are MISLEADING you… in the most innocent terms!

Now let’s come to the good news which will annihilate the bad news… It is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE to overcome stuttering. It doesn’t matter what others say or believe, stuttering CAN BE dissolved. You can overcome it to enjoy a fully expressive, confident and a fulfilled life.

I had times in my life where I was overwhelmed with all kinds of knowledge, researches, speech therapies and extraordinary promises about stuttering. I just didn’t know where to begin, where to go, who to work with and which pathway to follow. I was as confused as hell! I didn’t even know whether there was a real hope or not.

You might be experiencing this at the moment as well… and that is exactly why I strongly suggest you to read on, because I have been there before and I exactly know what you need at this stage.

Internet marketers would say that this is the worst move ever but as a stutterer myself who had been a victim of false promises countless times, I want to make myself clear here before we move on.

Once you quickly reach that point by following the step-by-step models I’ll be sharing with you, just pure fluency will not satisfy you, you’ll want more than that. You’ll grow as a person, you’ll be a complete person with quality skills, you’ll be an effective communicator with a radical mentality shift and a new life vision. You’ll be unstoppable with the freedom of speech and a brand new you who would serve you to become your best self and live the life you deserve.

You want to share your thoughts or tell a story or a joke in a group but you avoid being the center of attention and choose not to speak instead.

You want to choose a specific job or career(e.g. management, public relations or marketing) but instead you pick a career which does not require extensive talking(e.g. engineering).

Presentations at work or in school gives you more adrenaline rush than a rollercoaster. You can’t stop thinking about it and how you can manage “not to stutter” during your presentation. That’s all you care; fluency and not to make a fool of yourself in front of others!

Having a lot to share, but not being able to EXPRESS YOURSELF exactly the way you want to frustrates the hell out of you… in fact, from time to time you feel like a prisoner who cannot use his/her TRUE POTENTIAL.

The emotional pain stuttering causes you is a huge burden on your shoulders… This is not a simple speech disfluency problem for you, it NEGATIVELY affects ALL areas of your LIFE.

You believe you cannot live a fulfilled and satisfied life because you feel like stuttering not only BLOCKS your speech but also your potential as a person who wants to SUCCEED in life.

You don’t make PHONE CALLS in the presence of others unless you really have to.

Speaking, expressing yourself and simple DAILY TASKS have become a huge PAIN for you… and is a massive psychological burden on your shoulders.

You want to ask or answer questions in class or in a meeting at work but you choose not to because you think you’ll be JUDGED by your disfluent speech in a negative way.

You feel like you are not taken seriously and are seen as “not enough” in environments such as school, work, social gatherings, etc.

When you are expected to go through a job interview, you continuously think you would not be able to express yourself the way you want to because of your stutter. So, you lose before you even start…just(!) because of your speech.

You want to make a phone call but instead you choose to send an email or a text message.

You want to register for a class you are very much interested in with all your friends, however you end up not registering it because ORAL PARTICIPATION is required for the class in question.

You want to ask a girl out but you don’t because you think you’ll get REJECTED because of your SPEECH..or similarly… Read more…

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