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By | May 18, 2017

ecourse Redefine Your Reality   The World Famous Life Coaching CourseClick the image above to visit siteI am so grateful for all of your insight you have shared with your 7 day life coaching course and the additional information and tools such as the 1 hour meditation you are providing to all of the members.

This information has assisted in my personal development and the application of this information has improved my well being.

Janice Scarinci Ph.D. Associate Professor & Department Chair Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management Northwood University, Florida, USA

Your coaching course has been a one on one conversation where l not only learned valuable lessons but also got to know my teacher. This gave me the added advantage of having a role model: warm, kind and also tough and matter of fact when needed. You are wise, generous and inspiring. Thank you.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am of all the stuff you have sent me. I cannot wait to share it with all my friends and families. It’s a life changing experience! You helped me reshape my values and thinking system, I find myself more confident, in control, wiser, a clearer vision of my future and the courage to pursuit it.

I think that everyone and every living form on this planet is special, we all have a mission, a purpose to have come to this world. Until we find out what the mission entails we are just a scattered energy floating about, and feeling something is missing without knowing what exactly it is. I am so grateful that you entered into my life. It’s one of the best things happened to me! You are absolutely brilliant!

Note: This is NOT some self serving promotional newsletter that will just nag you to buy some products. This is a real eCourse conducted by Shafin de Zane, the author of Redefine Your Reality. In this Foundation Course your participation will be expected. Do NOT signup unless you are ready to actively learn and bring about profound changes in your life. It is completely free to join. No obligation whatsoever. You will receive each part of the course every day for the next 7 days only after you personally verify your registration. If you do not receive your verification email from us in the next 10 minutes, check your spam folder. If you find our email there, mark it as not spam. This will allow smooth delivery of all your lessons.

We hate spam as much as you do and we promise never to send you unsolicited email ever! Every email comes with an easy 1-Click unsubscribe option. Privacy Policy

Thanks for the wonderful coaching course and free books, have learnt so much in such a short time, so many questions answered, makes you light up inside when you start to understand finally.

Looking forward to more of your work, just overjoyed that finally been able to take those first steps on my own journey and understand why i have been holding myself back.

I would like to say thank you to Shafin. The 7 day course has been very helpful to me. Not only is it inspirational, I am beginning to see life in a whole new light.

The daily exercises work and if one is persistent with them, you will begin to experience life differently.

Greetings with love. Its always good to receive your mail, I always wanted to have your mail in my Inbox everyday so I can start my day with great views or things. I have highly benefited from your 7 days course and mails. I now have perfect faith that my dreams will soon realized in perfect ways. Thanks for your guidance and you are such an amazing person that you wanted to lead others also to their dreams. Thanks for realizing me with my inner source that I am the only responsible for all my dreams.

I’ve tried to quit smoking several times with no success. I was so used to the idea that I smoke, that when I quitted I started smoking again after a day or two.. just because I thought that I can’t quit. On day 1 of the coaching course you told me that reality is what I create it to be, and on day 4 you told me that I am what I believe I am, so I said to my self: "I believe I can quit smoking".

It’s been three weeks now, and I haven’t even thought of smoking ever again. And I believe this is just the beginning of change. Thank you for inspiring me! Best wishes,

I have too much to say but I will be short here. You showed me the key to understand this world and to be happy. You gave the answer of the question "why?" that I have searching my entire life. I realized that all my life I was exercising to control my body, and my behaviour. I was trying to control the results.

You explained how mind is working, what are the feelings. You showed the Source. Now I’m learning from your course to create these results. Now as never before I can’t stop. I want to go on, I want more. This 7 Day Course does miracles. I’m beginner but already feel much calmer and happier. I’m on the way to buy Redefine Your Reality Package.

Before I took your 7 day life coaching course, my brother and I used to read the Book "The secret" and also watched the video.

One of our wants was to get something that would confirm what we learned from the secret. I meditated on that want, and one day while I was checking my email on Gmail, I saw this banner crossing through my screen with "Redefine your reality": I quickly took advantage of it for I think it should be related to what I just learned.

And here we are, not only your e-course confirmed what we knew, but the way you explained things and the exercises you gave… Read more…

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