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By | May 19, 2019 g guitar OPEN G GUITAR for BEGINNERS   start playing within minutes   easy guitar training   digital video training by Mike MalakClick the image above to visit siteNow, this sounds amazing, but it’s as simple as that! I have been playing the guitar for almost 50 years, and most of my life I have used regular tuned guitars (what is called "standard E tuning"), just like probably 90% of all guitar players. As just about every beginner, back in the day, I had to learn all the "chord shapes" (or "finger shapes"), that is how and where to put the fingers of the left hand on the strings in order to get nice sounding chords. These are necessary if one wants to play the guitar. But it takes soooo long to learn and practice these chords, right? And it hurts the fingers, too, at least until you develop callouses on your left fingers. If you already tried to play the guitar, maybe even took a few lessons, you most probably already know what I’m talking about. It just takes too long.

I have been playing the guitar in bands back on high school, I have started to compose own songs about 40 years ago, and I have performed songs – both covers and my own music – and recorded music for all these years now. I have over 1600 music videos on Youtube alone. You can also listen to my original music on –> Reverbnation.

Open G tuning is a special way to tune the strings of the guitar. There are many other ways to tune the guitar, and famous guitar players such as Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) or Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) have been doing this for many decades. Tuning a regular guitar (which usually is tuned in "standard E" tuning) to Open G takes a couple of minutes. I will teach you how to do that at the beginning of my video course "Open G Guitar for Beginners".

The Open G tuning has been used for banjos and other instruments for a long time, and at one point, guitarists like Keith Richards, Joni Mitchell and Mark Knopfler started playing some of their biggest hits in open tuning. For certain songs like "Honkytonk Women" you need the open G tuning in order to play along in the same way like Keith Richards plays this song. AND I WILL TEACH YOU TO DO THAT, TOO! All this included in my OPEN G GUITAR for BEGINNER video course! (CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE!)

The fantastic thing about the open G tuning is this: you can play a the major chords with just ONE FINGER! And because the strings are set up in a special sequence (the tuning), you can play certain chords even WITHOUT putting ANY fingers on the fret board! This way of tunig the guitar has many advantages and will allow you to start playing the guitar within just MOMENTS after you have tuned it to open G. And this is so super simple to do – the tuning itself takes only a couple of minutes.

WHO can use this video course? – ANYONE can use this video course. You just need a guitar. It’s however NOT very much suited for children – that depends a little on the individual kid – but anyone 12, 14 years or older can learn how to play the guitar with my course.

AS A BEGINNER, can I use this course? – Yes, absolutely. You can. You do not need prior skills. If you DO already know how to play, it is of course no problem at all. You will still be able to learn new and amazing skills.

HOW LONG do I need to practice each day? – You do not need to practice EVERY day. It would help you to learn faster, of course. But if you could practice just 30 minutes each day, or even 15 minutes, that would be great.

WHEN will I be able to play along to songs? – In fact, you will be able to play RIGHT AWAY, basically in under 1 hour, tops. But realistically, in order to play all by yourself to any song, provided you practice a bit each day, you sould be able to play to songs within somewhere around 1 – 2 weeks. The more you practice, of course, the faster this will happen.

With this OPEN G GUITAR for Beginners video course you will learn how to tune your guitar and start playing – both within under 1 hour tops!

All you need is your guitar. Within this video course, everything else is included: about 6h video lessons, chord charts, and backing tracks. Start playing now!

No need to practice painstaking chords for weeks or even months. Watch the videos, follow my lead, and you will be playing with me within minutes!

"I gave up on music. I thought it was just too complicated. But Thanks to Mike I can now play the guitar."

Goods and services provided by Open G Guitar Course – F Michael Engel, my pen/stage name is Mike Malak.

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