Learn Easy Couples Massage Techniques – Full Instructions & Videos

By | May 17, 2017

%name Learn Easy Couples Massage Techniques   Full Instructions & VideosClick the image above to visit siteHi, my name is Yasuko (pronounced “Yasko”) Kawamura. I am a National Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist. As a massage therapist I have massaged thousands of people.

I caught my ex-boyfriend with a prostitute and how he ended up in the relationship with her was because she was good at massage.

It was the most devastating incident in my relationship history, but I wanted to be good at massage too, to never have this happen to me again. So I started looking for a class.

My thumbs and back were already throbbing at the thought of giving a massage because I only used my poor thumbs in a wacky posture trying to give my partner a good massage.

But I was able to master the proper techniques to give long massages without hurting my fingers or back.

I ended up taking more than 1,000 hours of massage classes and spent more than $10,000 to learn different techniques.

I know a lot of people whose relationships may be stale, or even straying. I also know lot of happy couples who want to take their intimacy to the next level.

But I realize that people don’t need to go through the heart ache or tens of thousands of dollars to learn this method.

So I broke down my methods so you can give AMAZING massages (and teach your partner how to give them to you also) without the big cost – and without the pain on your hands.

Here’s a way to definitely take your relationship to the next level and have more intimacy without spending $1,000s like I did. Because I’ve found several techniques along my journey the way that you can easily take what I provide you and immediately start giving your loved ones great massages to release stress, and invite more intimacy and overall to simulation to your relationship.

The quick and easy way to learn and practice how to massage your partner from head to toe even while watching TV. It is a fun massage course for couples who want to try something NEW in your relationship.

Made in an easy-to-understand practice style, this video series offers effective, innovative massage techniques that will TRANSFORM your relationship TONIGHT!

Easy Couples Massage is a 7-day online video course that you can take in the privacy of your own home or anywhere on your mobile device with an internet connection. You can learn anything from pictures and texts but actions such as massage is best learned from videos. Also people learn better in smaller chunks. The course is broken down into simple daily lessons so you can quickly learn the simple massage techniques for each particular part of the body. Massage doesn’t have to be full 60 minutes. Leave those long massages to the professional massage therapists! Sometimes spontaneous few minutes of good massage is the love that you can give to your partner’s body and mind. This course shows you quick and easy way to massage your partner sitting on the couch. It’s a perfect setting if you wind down together in front of the TV.

While all caring touch is sensual, this is NOT a sexual massage course. The massage techniques are demonstrated over the clothes. However, you are welcome to practice however you like in your privacy.

Before taking the course my husband did not understand how to massage someone. Although I tried to teach him, he was awkward, not smooth and very often would put pressure on the spinal cord, which is not comfortable and dangerous. I would often try to avoid any massage from him because it was not comfortable or relaxing. Yasuko’s Easy Couples Massage has helped our relationship immensely, even if it is just for a few minutes. Massage has added much depth to our relationship… sometimes we need a big hug and sometimes a little massage. Thank you Yasuko, for coming into our lives. It is a way of life.

I found this course amazing. It was a really relaxing experience just watching the videos & I felt such a calming & peaceful feeling throughout the training. Yasuko really knows what she’s doing & teaches her massages with such ease & grace & it is so simple to follow her instructions. The videos are super short as well which is perfect for me, as I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. I couldn’t wait to get practising on my husband & to also teach him so that I could benefit from these relaxing massages too. If you want a simple, step-by-step massage training, Easy Couples Massage is perfect for you. There are also some awesome bonuses, of which one in particular is my absolute favourite, but I won’t ruin the surprise, you’ll have to see for yourself.

I found this course very easy to follow for a massage novice who will not only learn the massage techniques in this course but also great ways to relax his/her partner by adding touch to their relationship.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful addition to any massages. Aroma from the essential oil in the environment stimulates your brain through olfactory sense or sense of smell to calm down or uplift your mood. You will learn different means of aromatherapy and which essential oils to use for different purposes to enhance your Couples Massage experience.

The massage techniques taught in this course are done on the couch. While it’s a convenient setting to practice massage while watching TV, of course it’s the best to turn off the TV so you can focus on each other’s loving touch. This audio guide shows you recommended types of music for massage and various sources for a free relaxing music to enhance your Couples Massage experience.

Having the right ambiance adds a lot to your Couples Massage experience. This guide shows you how you can create a relaxing environment and recommended resources to create the best ambiance for the intimate… Read more…

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