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Cookbook – Your Wellness Diary

Click the image above to visit siteMany of these mouth watering recipes are Paleo friendly, healthy and can be made quickly. So if you are looking to loose weight, get healthy, have something new or looking to make dishes quickly then we have some recipes for you. The recipes are designed to be healthy and… Read More »

21 Day Meal Plan – Easy, mouthwatering recipes

Click the image above to visit siteOne of the biggest challenges I faced when I first started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle was that the food plans I found online were extremely repetitive and quite boring. They just seemed to lack imagination. Add to that the fact that they just weren’t realistic for families. And when… Read More »

:::How To Start A Coffee Shop:::

Click the image above to visit siteWho else wants to learn the secrets of opening and operating a very profitable coffee shop? If you do, then you MUST read this! The problem is most people haven’t been truthful about how much it actually costs to open a coffee shop! Read more…