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By | May 18, 2017

%name 31 days YMH  Click the image above to visit siteGet your first 31 days of this 12-month Manifestation course designed to step-by-step, day by day systematically train your mind into a positive vibration. Evidently it will help you shape your dream life and attract your desires onto you with ease. Each day consists of an original quote along with five points to focus on.The aim is to focus one day at a time and have fun. The actions and concepts are simple and powerful, leaving you feeling optimistic and full of energy. In addition, you will be introduced to the Integration Method (I’M) incorporating Science, Biology, Emotions and Spirituality.

Get your first month of this 122-page Digital Workbook also available for print. A great way to fast forward manifestation with writing exercises as well as help you map out a plan towards realising your dreams.

Why is it that with all our knowledge and good intentions we still do not get what we want when we want it? We study the Law of Attraction and follow the Secret and ‘the secret’ to the Secret and still it instills doubt of our ability to succeed and be happy. I have gone through the same process of trying to understand and apply the Laws of the Universe and I know all too well what it feels like to search for something unidentified. It should not be that hard I thought and what confused me was how many different ways were developed to understand Quantum Mechanics. The science behind it never changes, then why all the different strategies towards manifestation? That’s when I realised that it is not about only understanding Quantum Mechanics, it is about understanding our human capacity and finding ways to compliment the science and ultimately make it work for us, not just in theory but in practise.

I spent most my life searching for those missing elements and today I am living the life of my dreams. Once I had found a specific combination of skills and I started implementing it, everything fell into place and I am still witnessing the realisation of new found dreams. My life was not always this great. I traveled from country to country, aimlessly – seeking answers to my questions. Other than the desire to be happy I had no clue about what I wanted in my life. I was being successful in some areas of my life, but in others I struggled. I knew that there was a FEELING I had to get and that I would KNOW when I get it. I am not saying there is only one way, but what I am saying is that I have found one that works. I call it the INTEGRATION METHOD (I’M – I AM) – a way to truly BE CONTENT. It incorporates SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, EMOTIONS AND SPIRITUALITY.

Think about this … your brain is like a computer program. You write the program based on what you expose yourself to in life. The difference is that most computer programs are developed with a clear outcome in mind whereas the programs that run in OUR minds have been formed over years, without CONSCIOUS and DELIBERATE FOCUS and it is here that the Law of Attraction fails to benefit most. Thought starts in the brain and to change your thoughts and your reality, you need to first tend to the brain, the root of it all. This is the QUICKEST and LEAST PAINFUL way. From there you can use the Law of Attraction to retrain your mind and implement Emotional Freedom Techniques to balance your energy. 

Not only will YOU ME AND HAPPINESS reveal this secret combination to you, it will guide you step by step in helping you realise what it is that you want and how to stay FOCUSED so that you can rewrite your program. Through understanding the science behind why you act and think the way you do and what part the brain has to play in it , as well as having the right set of tools, you can make your life so much easier. It is all about the combination of methods you use and not so much about focusing on one individual component towards finding true fulfilment. By following a few simple steps each day, your life will start to make sense to you and you will have the support you need to stay motivated without having to spend loads of money on therapy.   Get your first month of this Law of Attraction course NOW for only $7.     Not only will you get 31 days of inspiring quotes along with unique Law of Attraction exercises and insights, you will get the first month of the You Me and Happiness Workbook which will allow you to ACT ON your thoughts and thus fast forward manifestations, as well as a fun PLANNER to remind you of that which you choose to focus on. With a 60-day 100% money back guarantee your investment is completely risk-free.    What are you waiting for? Being happy is easier than you think. The time is now and I am here to help you.

"Helen has a remarkable understanding of how EFT tapping along with other important practises can sustain a happy life. Balancing ones energy and then focusing this energy on the good in life is but one of the many key components of this course. An inspirational effort worth investing in!"

"In the 25 years I’ve worked with brain-training as a technology for changing the automatic habitual responses of what "just happens" in our lives and relationships, I’ve seen thousands of people transform themselves. I can attest, in my own life, to the ability of nearly anyone to produce a new set of brain habits that can result in lasting and effortless changes in how we think, feel, act and perform.  Just as we tend to make the same choices over and over again in our lives–sometimes happily, often not–I know it is possible to change those… Read more…

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