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Free 4 You Today

Welcome to Free 4 You Today. At Free 4 You Today our team searches the internet to find the best products in the market that offer free samples, giveaway’s and free stuff. To claim your free sample, giveaway or free stuff you may have to provide your contact details to the product vendor and, or… Read More »


Click the image above to visit siteREADYTRAXX LEASING RIGHTS You will receive an encoded MP3 file of the untagged song, and/or a copy of the raw WAV file. The song file can be delivered digitally or through the mail on a CD. Leasing rights allow you to use the beat (or song) for ONE commercial… Read More »

Vocal Webinar

Click the image above to visit siteLooking for a specialized voice program? Well look no further. I’m Kimberly Nolan and I want you to try my online class. I train winners to sing any style, widen your range and perfect your pitch. Make sure to watch my entire video where I explain the secret to… Read More »

CODEGAT FL Studio Guide

Click the image above to visit siteCODEGAT FL Studio guide which is a PDF E-book will teach you how to make beats with FL Studio in only 30 minutes. If you read carefully from cover to cover and practice what we tell in the guide, you will begin to make very good beats on your… Read More »